Proxy is a publishing experiment for 2019

Proxy is a publishing experiment for 2019

We’re a group of product designers, journalists, VCs, researchers, past/present gov officials, entertainment executives and entrepreneurs. Our general intuition is that something has gone horribly off the rails on the internet and a better cross industry conversation is a prerequisite for change. Proxy has two goals.

  1. Publish stories that help people in tech, media, and gov better understand each other and what’s at stake

    • Anonymous industry confessionals, product post mortems, jargon breakdowns, hopes/dreams/fears about the future of the internet

  2. Build a better cross industry backchannel

    • A private digital backchannel (on Slack) + elaborate in person events in NYC like Machine Learning President—a scenario playing game which roleplays the 2020 election.

Join the Proxy backchannel

As an experiment to begin 2019, we’re building out a small private Slack channel full of people who can’t stop thinking about all this stuff. If you’d like to be included, hit us up. Fill out the brief survey and we’ll keep you updated.